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It is our goal to make sure you feel your best and stay that way. You can count on our many years of experience. Here are some of the reasons that set us apart:

Homeopathy treatment is very unique and individualized for each and every person. As no two persons are alike, even monozygotic twins differ in mind and body. Two people diagnosed with similar disease will not have similar set of symptoms; the symptoms will vary in manifestation at different levels. For example two people diagnosed with migraine will differ in manifestation of their visual, sensory, characteristics of pain, triggering factors, and conditions that makes it worse and better. Therefore each patient needs to be treated as an individual. Homeopathic Consultation is designed for individualization. All aspect of patient that characterizes him from others in respect to personality, physical and mental makeup, constitutional and temperamental characteristics are considered and the homeopathic treatment is tailored for that individual. Homeopathic medicine is natural, safe and effective and can be used in all age group right from new born to the very old age. Along with the Homeopathic treatment we also provide advice for nutrition and supplements.

Homeopathic treatment is most cost effective. The medicines are very low cost compare to allopathic, and available as OTC in many pharmacy and online store. You don’t need any referral from your doctor to see a homeopathic consultant. You don’t need any insurance for homeopathic consultation. You overall long term cost for health comes out to be only fraction of what you would have paid for allopathic treatment for greater number of years.

Homeopathic consultation is available in person at our 3 different locations. Consultation is also available over the phone in almost all areas in Hyderabad, over chat via WhatsApp, Face Book etc.

We will work with you to accommodate your schedule and give you appointment for late evenings and weekends if necessary for your conveniences.


Our Vision & Mission


Our mission is to develop elegant and affordable health solutions that enable children to adults. We believe in using our creativity and aesthetic potential in providing flexible treatments and solutions for different types of diseases in friendly approach. In this way we too have a share in contributing to the conservation of resources by enhancing the shelf life.

To provide high quality service that combine creativity with value pricing. We are establishing a good and successful relationship with our valuable patients and providing a good service. To constantly strive to meet or exceed our customer needs and expectations of price, service and better cure.

Our vision and aim is to provide best service and implement the effective strategies and provide customer satisfaction which is shown in our creative and innovative way by our team. Building synergic relationship between Neocare and patients to give a competitive edge for all round excellence of our performance.